How do I put an event on Burbio for my group?


If you are already an admin for your group's calendar, navigate to your group calendar page by clicking the link to your calendar from the list of Calendars I Follow on the left column of your MY Feed page.  Then skip to step 5.  

If your group is new to Burbio and does not yet have its own group calendar page, first create a group calendar page and then add the event to the calendar:

1)  Login to your Burbio account

2)  Click "Create Group Calendar" on the navigation bar.

3) Select business or non-profit plan On your Calendar Administration Page, click "Create Calendar"   Note that after you create your calendar you can select the FREE plan for non-profits or a premium plan if your calendar is or a business.


4)  ADD CALENDAR INFORMATION:  Complete the required fields and any of the optional fields you desire.  Select the method you want to use to get events on our calendar. Click Continue.


5) CHECK/ADD EVENTS: If you used the Facebook Events or calendar feed option your calendar will automatically load events.  This may take a while, but you can refresh the page to see events.  If you chose the manual option, click the "Create Event"  button in the upper right and enter event details.


 6)  Once events are on your Burbio calendar, they are reviewed for addition to the Community Calendar (this may take a day or so) and "This Week in" emails based on the group's zip code.  To be included in nearby town's Community Calendars and "This Week" emails, contact us at


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