Become a Burbio Community Ambassador!

Earn $$ for helping promote Burbio in your community - is a free service that streams all school, and community calendars in one place so you can stay up to date.  With Burbio you can create a personalized "feed" of calendars you want to follow, add events to your digital calendar (Google Calendar, iPhone, etc.), and get notified when things change.  Burbio is in over 140 communities and is growing quickly - there is also a Burbio IOS App.   
Becoming a Burbio Community Ambassador is simple:
*  Spread the news about a FREE and useful product to friends in your community!  Check out this short video to find out more about Burbio.
*  Earn $100 to start for less than an hour of work
*  Earn referral bonuses for finding ambassadors in other towns
What is Required?
*  Join Burbio and see how simple and useful it is!
*  Post on a few Facebook, Google + or groups at an appropriate time.  
*  Invite your friends to join Burbio and any let local organizations know they can use Burbio for free to promote their events.
Bonus Opportunities
* If you refer us to friends in other Burbio towns (see list here) who act as Ambassadors for their town- you get a referral bonus of $25 each.
*  If you want to get more involved in growing Burbio in your town, we may have more opportunities for you.
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    Hello Julie ! My name is Cynthia Michele Lara. I am definitely interested in learning more. A great addition would be pushing events to Telegram. I see that you are hiring for digital marketing manager. Is it possible to have a community manager that is responsible for a region or area and work remotely via Slack but is close enough to the community to actually engage? If so, I would be interested in a collaboration of this type. I can also assist Burbio on a global level  thru my various social media outlets that I utilize personally to spread the word on cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. Congratulations on your success! I hope to connect with you on Linkedin. Talk to you soon!

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